4 Criteria for Joy in Your Job

4 Criteria for Joy in Your Job: Work, Coworkers, Environment, Meet Needs
While no job is perfect, you can assess how well a job suits you in four key areas.

If you had the option to choose a job that truly suited you, how might you assess the opportunity before you?

The accompanying diagram points to four main criteria that can assess the potential ‘joy in your job.’ Here is a brief explanation of each criterion.

Work: How well the tasks and responsibilities of the job make constructive use of your talents in any given day. Will you have a chance to do what you do best, to learn and grow; perhaps to teach others?

Coworkers: The degree of community and belonging you feel among your peers and colleagues. Is this a group of folks with whom you want to spend most of your waking hours?

Environment: How comfortable you can expect to feel at work both psychically and physically. How likely is it that you will look forward to going in to work every day? Will you feel supported or thwarted there?

Needs: How well the job provides for your life’s requirements, both financial and less tangible. (Examples of intangibles: your sense of contribution to the greater good; or your preference for novelty, or prestige, or independence; or other factors that can make a difference to satisfaction in your day to day work life). Does this job provide you with the best opportunity, of those available to you, to help you meet your needs, feel satisfied and fulfilled?

No job is perfect, of course; each is a mix of trade-offs. Intentionally assessing the fit between a given job and what it offers you, gives you a wonderful opportunity to find a great way to spend the vast majority of your waking hours.


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