Grow & Develop is the work of Don Blohowiak, PhD whose doctorate is in Human Development. As a developmentalist, Don explores the many ways a person evolves and changes over a lifetime. Specifically, his interest is in the relationships between, and the integration of, a person’s perceptual, cognitive, motivational, intrapersonal, interpersonal, social, cultural, philosophical, and biological development over the lifespan.

Don’s doctoral dissertation introduced a method for integrating apparently unrelated psychological theories. Its test case proposed an integration of the previously presumed unrelated theories of self-actualization by Abraham H. Maslow, and the personal construct psychology of George A. Kelly.

Don also holds a Master’s degree in Human and Organizational Systems, and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. Don has written several management and leadership books, and many articles on change, personal development, and leadership.

Don currently leads the development of Master’s degrees and graduate Certificate programs with a major university in Washington, DC.

Contact Don directly at Don@GrowandDevelop.com.

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